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Joan Raynor- Former Family Resource Center Coordinator

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"The Rockland BOCES Family Resource Center Foundation  was founded as a true labor of love".

Facts & Figures


Families Served

The Rockland BOCES Family Resource Center Foundation's BackPack Program provides weekly food delivery for students with disabilities and their families


Of All Donations

Directly Support Programs for Local Students and Families


In  Funding in 2020

Was Provided to Students and their Families in Emergency Situations

"I really don’t know where our family would be without the FRC Foundation and Family Resource Coordinators"

The Mejia knows first-hand of the impact the  Rockland BOCES Family Resource Center Foundation can make to a family in need.  For years, the Family Resource Center Foundation has been assisting this household in a myriad of ways – providing much needed education, food supplies, and even saved them from eviction.
Izaya Mejia is an 8th Grader at Hilltop School, and has been diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Through the behavioral classroom management over the past three years, including a rewards system and discouraging negative behaviors, Izaya has made tremendous strides.
“My son has come so far over the years,” Elizabeth Mejia (Liz) explains. “He has come to realize that no means no, that now means now, and that pushing someone is not okay. He is overall, more accepting.”
Izaya thrives in the classroom, and benefits greatly from the various interventions he has with faculty throughout the building, including his first teacher, Ms. Carra, Dr. Williams (the clinician), and most recently his Spanish teacher, Mr. Avila. ​Since Izaya is asthmatic, he is not attending in-person learning, but he has all the necessary tools to learn remotely, including a chromebook, and a
hotspot, which were delivered to the Mejia home by Family Resource Coordinators. 
“When the pandemic hit, and things went all virtual, Family Resource Coordinators was so incredibly helpful,” Liz explains. “Dr. Williams would call each week to check on Ivaya, and make sure we had what we needed for him.”
The Rockland BOCES Family Resource Center Foundation Backpack Program provides meals and significant nutritional benefits to students and families, alleviating child hunger and malnutrition.  The Mejia family receives food through this program, and is extremely grateful for the assistance.  Liz suffers from multiple medical conditions – she has had several back surgeries, in and out of the hospital a lot, has had both knees replaced, and suffers from perpetual neck pain.  These limit her abilities to get around.
“The food being delivered to our home every week is a really big help,” Liz acknowledges. “It saves me from shopping and carrying the heavy groceries, which is very difficult for me.”
Izaya continues to progress in the classroom and stands out as an exceptional helper at Hilltop. Nakisha Carter, Family Resource Center Coordinator, recalls the times when Ivaya was involved in packing the bags.  “Izaya was always eager to help us pack the food backs.  He was enthusiastic about organizing, and would help energize the students.”
Liz and her family are very grateful for the support they have received over the years. “I really don’t know where our family would be without the Family Resource Center Foundation and Family Resource Coordinators. When we were facing eviction a few years ago, they helped us out. They gave me money to pay the rent, and saved us from going to a shelter.” 

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